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“It was great to work with William on the sale of my old condo and the purchase of my new, larger one.  Talk about Johnny on the spot, every time I had questions about the process, William was not only right there to answer them, but ready with alternative options if a problem came up at any time during the process.”     

                                                                                               – Naphar Isley. (Home Owner)

“I had been pondering what to do with my home in the San Fernando Valley for quite some time and as the market had taken a dive, I was a bit concerned that I might be either UPSIDE Down or would make little, if any profit if I did sell.  William explained my options to me and showed me that not only was it possible to sell in this market, but if the effort was put in to make my property appealing he could help me make a nice profit.  I was skeptical at first, but agreed to move forward and list my property with him.  What a great move.  William managed every aspect of getting my property ready for sale and in no time at all, we were on the market with multiple offers way over what I originally thought I could get.  Thank you William – you are the real deal!”

                                                                                            – Marguerite Morgan-Cargo (Rehab)

“William went beyond what I expected from a real estate professional. He worked hard to get me qualified for my loan and made sure I didn’t settle for just any house but helped me to be patient while he found me my most perfect home.  I want to express my extreme satisfaction with William for the professional and knowledgeable way he handled my new home”

                                                                                                   – Dennis Seagraves. (VA Loan)

“William was amazing to work with.  He was there to assist me, and had my best interest at heart.  He found the condo I wanted in the neighborhood I wanted for the price I wanted.  Would forever recommend him!

                                                                                               -Andres (Home Owner)



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