Sell Your Home

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Prospective Home Sellers

Our home selling programs are truly unique in the Real Estate industry and second to none.  Whether you are in a home that has not been updated in a LONG TIME or you are buying another home and plan to use equity in your present home for your new purchase, we have your back.

If you’re selling a home with a tenant or you are in foreclosure and need a way out we are there

See a short description of our programs below.  One WILL fit your individual circumstance.



Turn-key homes bring top dollar! Buyers have a difficult time scraping together their down payment and closting costs, and are always looking for that “move-in ready” home that doesn’t require repairs. I can advance you the amount needed to do the repairs that will bring you the most money for your home. I know you’ve seen others make similar offers, but with the caveat of “up to $5 – 10K.” I have no such Cap. Here are some “Before” & “After” pictures to show how my Program has helped other Home Owners. Remember, you can never get a 2nd chance at a good 1st impression!





Thought about selling a property, but you’re afraid your current Tenants might leave? Or, your property is vacant and you aren’t in a position to pay to Stage the Property with furniture? I can solve both problems! I will guarantee you rent(s) during the entire sale process, including paying the rent if the tenant leaves for any reasons…even if their lease expires! I can also have your property professionally staged with furniture at no upfront cost to you!






Is your mortgage reset creating you a hardship. Don’t let the Bank simply take your home away from you. I can provide you the funds to bring your loan current, effectively stopping the Foreclosure. This will allow us to talk to the Bank about refinancing your property to a lower interest rate, or get your home sold, so you can move ahead and keep your credit intact.





Put simply, if you find the new home you want to buy before your old home closes escrow, we will, in most cases, advance you money for your down payment on the new home from the equity in your old home until it sells.  This way you don’t have to rush and settle for less.



If you own an income property with a tenant and you try to sell, the tenant will likely 1. Stop paying rent or 2. Move out.  Either option will cause unnecessary stress for you.  We can, in most cases, keep the rent stream going until the property is sold.



We are so confident in the level of service we provide that we offer this guarantee.  IF, AFTER JUST 30 DAYS YOU DON’T THINK WE ARE PUTTING OUT OUR UTMOST, BEST EFFORT TO MARKET YOUR HOME.  WE WILL CANCEL YOUR LISTING AGREEMENT.


**If you are interested in one of the above programs,
please fill out the form to the right of the page**

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